robots in love

robots-love-numbersThese Robots are in love. Whether with donuts or ice-cream or hockey or flowers, they’ve found that special thing in life that gives them their sparkle and charm.

The blue’s in the background match so they work great as a series or pair them with a robot cushion.

Hint: these work for big (even really big!) kids too.

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Bom Loves Hockey

bom loves hockey

Dimdat Loves Ice Cream

dimdat loves ice cream

Donka Loves 80s Music

donka loves 80s music

Mitmit Loves Donuts

mitmit loves donuts

Zorba Loves Flowers

zorba loves flowers

Newton Loves Soccer

newton loves soccer

dude loves surfing

poppy loves bubblegum

squeek loves sneakers

switch loves skateboarding

turbo loves football
Art cushions….

mitmit loves donuts cushion

bom loves hockey cushion

dimdat loves icecream cushion

donka loves 80s music cushion

zorba loves flowers cushion


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